A Kalamazoo Speeder in Santiago Papasquiaro, Mexico
This Kalamazoo 57W variant was found during 2022 in Santiago (St. James) Papasquiaro, Durango state, Mexico.
It's about 120 miles NW of Durango, the capital of the state of Durango in Mexico. The car is powered by a twin
cylinder Wisconsin motor instead of a 10hp Onan like the 57A. It is in rough shape and could use a 14" wheel. The
car is displayed on the loading dock of the former Nacionales de Mexico RR Station.The control panel says
"Made by Steel Products of Monterrey, Mexico". They have other items on display, including a Fairmont S2
and two carts that sit on an elevated display platform. Thank you to Mr. Vallejo for taking these photos and to
Robert Casares for passing this information and photos to me.

 Here are a couple of photos of Wisconsin engines of the type used in speeders


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12 February, 2023