A Working Kalamazoo Speed Truck in 2013 

Robert from Hesperia wrote me the following: I bought this last summer with a junk motor, so I put a diesel in and had all sorts of fun. It wasn't quite as fast but fun nonetheless. This winter when I was plowing it was just a little under powered so I put a turbo on that little 10hp air-cooled diesel and it is night and day. It puts the original 18hp Kohler Command it had in it to shame now.  When I bought it it had 20" Carlisle turf saver tires that have been foam filled. The local foundry used it for there weld cart for a number of years before they closed.  When it reopened and I began working there I noticed the old relic just wasting away outback so I saved her. It cost $300. It may not have ground clearance or 4 wheel drive, but I can fit a lot of wood, a couple deer or whatever on the back. It can move the 25ft camper around the property without an issue. Here's a YouTube video of it plowing snow.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJqdIHknSr8



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27 March, 2013